Out the Back Door Vermont


Off the deck north of Brattleboro, VT / George Ruhe®

Bridge Street to the Brattleboro Road over the Connecticut

The view towards New Hampshire crossing the Connecticut River from Brattleboro, VT/George Ruhe®

Entergy Corp. vs. the state of Vermont in the U.S Court of Appeals in NY


The Vermont Yankee nuclear plant on the Connecticut River in Vernon, VT, on Jan. 14, 2013. / George Ruhe©

Only One Brattleboro – The Connecticut River AT


The Connecticut River from the Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery  (iPhone/George Ruhe©)

Point Bay on Lake Champlain, Vermont


Dusk at Point Bay on Lake Champlain, Vermont (iPhone photo-George Ruhe©)

Kingsland Bay on Lake Champlain, Vermont


Mooring in Kingsland Bay on Lake Champlain (George Ruhe / ENELYSION)

Self Portrait 2012


George Ruhe/ENELYSION®

The Connecticut River at Brattleboro


The Connecticut River at Brattleboro, Vermont (George Ruhe/ENELYSION®)

Raindrop Windshield Montreal

Raindrop Windshield Montreal

Rainy April day through the car window in Old Montreal / ENELYSION-George Ruhe©

Old Montreal

The Historic City Centre of Montreal.

The Historic City Centre of Montreal. (ENELYSION/George Ruhe©)

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